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It is the food itself that most charms the guests at any event. We have menus to suit every possible occasion. Fran Zaslow Caterers will wow your taste buds and tickle your fancy. Don’t see what you want? Contact Norman!

Individual Hors D’Oeuvres
Bacon, Scallop & Snow Pea Kebabs
Bacon & Shrimp Kebabs
Beef Satay with Filet Tidbits
Cajun Chicken with Green Chili Sauce
Coconut Shrimp with Ginger Dip
Cheese Ravioli Deep Fried—creamy & crusty
Chicken Wings: BBQ, Buffalo, Sesame
Chicken Satay with Thai Sauce
Chicken Puffs with Sesame Seeds
Crab Cakes, Baked, Lump Crabmeat with Cajun Dip
Crab & Cheddar Tarts
Franks in a Blanket (that old classic)
Gorgonzola Puffs
Grilled Tomato Crostini
Home Cured Gravlax with Sweet Dill Mustard
Mini Pizzas & Mini Quiches
Mini Tortillas & Burritos
Potato Skins, Nacho or Sour Cream
Potato, Potato & Zucchini Pancakes
Prosciutto & Horseradish Cream Roll-ups
Rumaki—Bacon & Chicken Liver or Prune
Salmon Mousse on Cucumber Rounds
Shrimp, Jumbo with Cocktail Sauce
Smoked Salmon on Black Bread with Dill
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Stuffed Mushrooms
Sun-dried Tomato Tarts
Spring Rolls
Swordfish Kebabs with Ginger Soy Sauce
Tea Sandwiches
Tortellini Skewered with Basil Pesto
Wild Mushroom Tart
Zucchini & Ginger Pancakes

Salad Entrees
Waldorf Chicken, Apples, Grapes & Dijon Vinaigrette
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
Char-Grilled Vegetable Salad
Chinese Sesame Noodles—Scallion Brushes
Eva’s Potato Salad w/Chopped Egg
Fettuccini & Prosciutto w/Parmesan Cream Sauce
Fresh Spinach Salad w/Mango Dressing—in season
Fresh Green Bean Salad w/Tomato & Shrimp
Fusilli or Penne Primavera
Greek Salad
Tuna Nicoise
Penne or Bow Ties w/Eggplant, Mozzarella, Tomato & Sun-dried Tomatoes
Ratatouille Served Hot or Cold
Smoked Salmon, Tortellini & Peas w/Dill Cream
Sea Scallops & Tomato Basil Linguini
Shrimp & Crabmeat Salad w/Dill Remoulade
Shrimp & Tomato Salsa with Cilantro
Thai Chicken, Roasted Breast w/Thai Sauce, with Arugula

Buffet Entrees
Fran’s Famous Lemon Chicken
With julienne carrots, scallions & peppers. Try with jewel-fried rice!
Chicken Pot Pie in Puff Pastry
A meal in itself … Or with corn bread pudding. A down home buffet dish.
Grilled Swordfish or Chicken Fajitas
Served with grilled tomato, red pepper, guacamole, salsa, cheddar and sour cream. Ole!
Chili with Condiments
Try vegetarian or with chopped filet mignon.
Roasted Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Your Choice
•Potato & Onions
•Spinach & Ricotta
•Wild Mushrooms, rice, almonds. Exotic with Greek string beans!
•Wild rice, cranberry and apricot.
Serve this with our steamed stir-fry vegetables.
Duck Breast Roasted or Grilled with Raspberry Demi-glaze or Orange Demi-glaze
Elegant with arugula & mesclun salad
Roasted or Grilled Filet Mignon
w/Green Peppercorn Sauce
The Best! With roasted new potatoes and stir-fried veggies.
Lamb: Roasted, Rack or Marinated Butterflied Leg
Fabulous with rice pilaf and string beans marinara.
Szechuan Lamb With Scallions
Great on a buffet—people love the combination.
Lobster & Clam Bakes
With all the trimmings—a festive summer favorite!
Whole Smoked Whitefish, Stuffed & Plattered
Always an asset to a brunch or a cold seafood buffet.
Filo Pastry Pies with assorted fillings.
Cheese Blintzes with Fruit Sauces
A meal in itself or with a wonderful salad.
Brisket of Beef with Natural Gravy or Smoked Brisket
Traditional but always great with oven roasted potatoes.
Pork Roast with Apricot/Horseradish
Lowest cholesterol bet around. Serve with curried lentils.
Cajun Style Lobster Tail with Saffron Rice
Our tails are up to 16 oz. And serve the mightiest!
Portuguese Paella
Mussels, clams, Portuguese sausage, shrimp and chicken, plus saffron rice!
Pasta Buffet
Pastas with five choices of exciting add-ins.
Quiches …
Low Fat, Gorgeous! All fresh vegetables. Lovely on a brunch buffet.
Roasted or Smoked Turkey
Sliced and put back on the bone or whole for carving. A crowd pleaser!
Lasagne, Manicotti or Stuffed Shells
Veggie, meat or mushroom, a great side dish or main course.
Decorated Whole Poached Salmon with Dill Sauce or Asian Ginger Scallion
Classic on a wedding or elegant party buffet.
Salmon Steaks or Filets—Grilled
Goes with a fish smorgasbord.
Chilean Sea Bass
Grilled, miso grilled.
Shrimp Scampi or Our Famous Creoles
Gorgeous, extra jumbo shrimp.
Sea Scallops Primavera with Cream & Basil
Delicious on spinach linguine.
Tuna—Grilled/Smoked Loin or Roasted with Smothered Onions & Peppers
We have a complete selection of vegetarian and low fat dishes. Ask about our many vegetable side dishes.

Fabulous Desserts
Amazing Cheesecake
Apple Pie
Bananas Foster with Häagen-Dazs
Carrot Cake with Icing
Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate Mousse Roll
Chocolate Velvet Cake
Fancy Fruit Tarts
Glazed Oranges in Gran Marnier
Gran Marnier Cheesecake
Hazel Nut Torte
Home Baked Cookies
Linzer Torte
Lemon Mousse Roll
Lemon Mousse or Lime Mousse
Make-Your-Own Sundaes
Mile-High Apple Pie
Mousse au Chocolat
Poached Pears
Queen of Sheeba Torte
Raspberry Mousse in Glass Trifle Bowl
So-Delicious Fudge Brownies
Strawberries in Raspberry Sauce
The Wedding Cake
A fairy tale come true! Hand decorated by our pastry chef. Custom selections.
The Groom’s Cake
Grooms love the special attention with their own severely chocolate three tiered cake!
The Name Cake
A Gigantic Chocolate Cake topped with every child’s name! In 14” or 17”. We’ve done 98 names on one cake!
Carved Watermelon Fruit Basket
A beautiful touch!

Decorated Platters
Chopped Liver Paté or Vegetarian Liver
Corned Beef on Party Rye or Whole Sliced
Another crowd pleaser
Swedish, Italian or Sweet ’n Sour Meatballs
Mini Stuffed Cabbages
Nacho and Sausage Dip
Paté de Campagne
Hearty for winter buffets
Salmon or Scallop Mousse
Tri-Vegetable Paté
Delicious and low cholesterol
Baked Brie—Large/1 kilo; Small/1 lb.
Crudité Basket with dip in Decorative Baskets
Filo Pastries: Spinach & Feta, Gruyère & Feta, Cabbage & Mushroom
Sushi: Caviar or Smoked Salmon—with or without the sushi chef
Foccacia Loaves: Assorted Grilled Vegetables, Cheese or Both

Also Available
(all fresh ingredients)

Caesar Dressing
Blue Cheese
Dijon Vinaigrette
Honey Dijon
Fabulous in summer
No-Fat Whole Bean Dips with Assorted Vegetables
No-Fat Red Pepper & Eggplant—Spicy or not


"Fran Zaslow cares about food. Only fresh vegetables are used. Her meat dishes are not restricted to chicken and beef; instead she is game to try other game, including venison. … Maintaining the ‘integrity of ingredients,’ as she says, is crucialfrom hors d’oeuvres to dessert. Her food repertoire is custom designed to fit the client’s affair and budget. Among the ‘extras’ offered is matching food to music—creating a Caribbean or Hawaiian theme."

—Linda Benzoni,
North Shore Today