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PASSOVER 2014 Nisan 5769

Chopped Liver: $12.95/lb
Gefilte Fish: $4/ea
Gefilte Fish Hors D'oeuvre Size: $24/doz
Vegetarian Chopped Liver: $10.95/lb
Freshly Grated Horseradish: $2.50/8 oz
Traditional Seder Plate: $17.50/ea
Mini Potato Pancakes: $15/doz
Extra Bitter Herbs: $6/bunch
Hors D'oeuvre Platter: Decorated w/Gefilte Fish Balls, Matzo Crostini, Chopped Liver, Hummus, Assorted Crudites and dip (serves 15–20): $125
Grandma Zah's Chicken Soup: $10/qt
Matzoh Balls—The Best on Earth! $1.75/ea
Matzo Crostini Snack: $5.25/8 oz
Egg and Salt Water (traditional): $5/qt
Whole Roasted Turkey (carved): $7/lb
Brisket of Beef, sliced (natural gravy, defatted): $26/lb
Turkey Gravy: $10/qt
Brisket Gravy: $12/qt
Roasted Chicken Breasts (stuffed with: potato and brown onions, spinach and potatoes, cranberry and apricot, plain matzo stuffing): $12.50/ea
Crunchy Chicken Cutlets: $7/ea
Lemon Garlic Sauce or Fresh Tomato: $12/qt
Apple Matzo Pudding: $12.95/lb
Butternut Squash and Baby Spinach: $12.95/lb
Carrot Pudding with or without Pecans: $12.95/lb
Charosis (Apple, Walnut): $12.95/lb
Cranberry Orange Relish: $10/qt
Creamed Spinach (available fat reduced) $10/lb
Crispy Stir-Fried/Steamed Vegetables: $13.95/lb
Homemade Chunky Applesauce: $10/qt
Mashed Potatoes (Garlic or Plain): $12.95/lb
Matzoh Stuffing with Celery and Onions: $10.95/lb
Matzoh Stuffing with Apricot, Cranberry, Almond: $12.95/lb
Potato Kugel with Browned Onions: $12.95/lb
Roasted Red New Potatoes: $12.95/lb
Sephardic String Beans (fat reduced): $12.95/lb
Stuffed Cabbage for Passover: $5/ea
Sweet Potatoes: Maple Honey Glazed: $12.95/lb
Sweet Potato Pudding with Kosher Marshmallows: $12.95/lb
Pasadech Cheesecake: $40/ea
Pasadech Chocolate Decadence: $40/ea
Pasadech Chocolate or Raspberry Mousse Roll: $35/ea
Pasadech Peanut Butter Cookies: $16/lb
Homemade Yaya's Sponge Cake: $25/ea
Homemade Macaroons: $12/lb
Homemade Chocolate Covered Macaroons: $14/lb
Fruit Platter (serves 10–15): $75

Note: Our foods are not Kosher for Passover

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